Chartered Banker MBA

The MBA from an internationally renowned University in partnership with Chartered Banker Institute, the world's oldest professional Institute of Bankers.

About Sovereign Consulting International

Sovereign Consulting is an Accredited International Partner of Bangor University to offer the Chartered Banker MBA Qualification for Banking and Financial Services Professionals Worldwide.

The Chartered Banker MBA is a ground-breaking qualification that allows its successful graduates to gain the dual award of an MBA in Banking and Financial Services from Bangor University and the coveted ‘Chartered Banker’ status, awarded by the Chartered Banker Institute. ‘Chartered Banker’ is the highest professional award available to bankers across the world.

The Chartered Banker MBA is a certified qualification referred to as the gold standard in both academic and professional achievement. It combines an MBA with Bangor Business School, the UK's No. 1 ranked business school for Banking, Finance and Accounting with the Chartered Banker Institute, inscribed by Royal Charter as the only body in the world that can convey the prestigious title of Chartered Banker. This MBA experience is wholly unique as it brings together the high level skills and knowledge from an Internationally recognised University and centre of Research Excellence with the professional and managerial competencies of a World leading Professional Institution dedicated to the profession of Banking.

More about Sovereign Consulting International

Sovereign Consulting International is a very well established provider of Global Banking Education, most notably as an Accredited International Partner of Bangor University. Sovereign primarily acts as the representative for the course programme in Gibraltar.

Sovereign Consulting has been very successful in

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A Powerful Partnership in Action

Bangor Business School is a progressive institution dedicated to academic excellence.  As the first UK University to introduce an MBA in Banking and Finance, and now offering the first combined MBA with Chartered Banker status.  Building on its enhanced global reputation, Bangor Business School brings its first-class education and research expertise to the heart of London's financial district, based at the impressive Broadgate Tower offices.

The Chartered Banker Institute

The Chartered Banker Institute is the only professional banking institute in the UK established by Royal Charter. Founded in 1875, The Chartered Banker Institute is the oldest banking institute in the world and the only remaining professional banking institute in the UK. It is committed to raising the standards of professionalism at all levels in banking and financial services, and to rebuilding public confidence and trust in banks and bankers.